First gen iPhone values: $100 for 4-, 8GB; $280 for 16 GB

IphonecellforcashAs you’ll hear in our weekly podcast, I’m not planning to upgrade my iPhone to the iPhone 3G. I was curious however: how much is that first-gen iPhone worth? There’s a number of places that buy used phones, but since I’ve used CellForCash in the past with my XV6700 and a RAZR, I thought I’d see what they’re paying.

My iPhone 8GB model would net me $100, as would a 4 GB iPhone… which is a little surprising. Got a 16 GB iPhone? As of this second, CellForCash will shoot you a check for $280, so you can upgrade to 3G for $19 out of pocket when all is said and done.

Although the $100 for my phone would essentially allow me a $99 upgrade to the 3G iPhone, I don’t want to pay extra for my 200 SMS messages, nor do I want the extra $10 for 3G service each month at this time. I might change my mind and I’m sure it will cost me as resale prices on my phone are likely to drop, but for now, I’m staying put. I’m already paying $60 a month for 3G with my USB modem and my UMPC is with me as much as my phone is.


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