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Fans Create TV Spot to Save Jericho…Again

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Never let it be said that fans of the twice-canceled show Jericho give up easy. Our friends over at TV by the Numbers pointed us to a renewed effort by fans to save the show. This time, they’re taking their message straight to TV.

Quick refresher: Jericho was a prime-time show on CBS about a small town in the wake of a nuclear strike against the U.S.. The show was canceled, fans went ballistic, CBS brought it back, ratings didn’t improve, and it was canceled again.

Filled with a never-say-die attitude, the fans decided to kick things up a notch. They created, raised more than $6,000 from donors around the world, created an ad, and bought commercial time on local cable in Los Angeles. Starting on Monday, the spot will run more than 200 times over the following 10 days.

Far from the glitz of Hollywood out in Dayton, Ohio, Jason Moore (aka “RubberPoultry”) made the new commercial. I talked to him about the show and his involvement to save it. “I’m not a boycotter; I never got involved in trying to save anything before,” said Moore. “But there’s something about this show that captured the imagination of the people.”

Moore said that the creators of the show have been very supportive. In fact, one of the recurring actors on Jericho did the voiceover for the commercial.

While one has to applaud the efforts of this rag-tag crew, the odds of their beloved show being resurrected are pretty slim. CBS already feels burned from the first time it listened to the online fans, and the Internet protests to save Moonlight, another show on the network, failed earlier this year.

42 Responses to “Fans Create TV Spot to Save Jericho…Again”

  1. RobsoRocks

    Thank you for highlighting our fight, the Jericho Rangers will never give up, that’s just not possible. We know we won’t get our show on CBS again, that’s just fine. But some smart cookie will pick it up and make a killing, all the while making millions of people happy! I call that a win/win situation. And to Rubber Poultry: Well Done!

  2. There’s no doubt that CBS won’t pick up Jericho again. After all it’s not cheap to make and bears more relation to reality than the cheap UNreality shows that networks keep shoving down our throats.

    See here’s the thing – you get what you pay for. So the networks get cheap shows. If the viewers were happy about that, then why did we spend all those DOLLARS buying our own advertising, donating to charity, sending DVDs to the troops yada, yada . . . instead of spending those dollars on products that CBS advertised?

    Oh, right, because we were not watching the CHEAP shows and didn’t see the advertising.

    BIG HINT there advertisers – get a clue.

    Anyway, Chris, thanks so much for the mention and just remember this – It ain’t over, til it’s over!

  3. Wow! That’s a great article! I think this commercial is professional quality that sends the message right out to the viewer in short order. We still hear of a lot of people who missed the last show from the abbreviated Season 2 that don’t even know the show was cancelled again! The program aired at the 10p slot, got no promotion for Season2 by the Network, slashed the season from 22 episodes to 7 and kicked it off right after the writers strike – an avoidable mistake by networks that resulted in crippling ratings to every show on commercial television, as well as a budget cut in production. Given the TLC it had in Season 1, the commitment, proper funding and promotion, airing at a decent hour for working families, and counting internet viewing, ipod viewing, as well as On Demand viewing for audience share (let’s all move into the 21st century eh?) this show is going to be back. The Jericho Fan Base is professional, determined, and obviously we earn our own money and enough of it to impress any sponsor of this series. We made history, we made our own commercial! Moonlight didn’t have us!

  4. gidget

    thanks for your article. rp’s work on the commercial is outstanding; as well as many, many fan’s involvement with campaigns to get us a season three. Jericho is worth all the blood, sweat and tears.

  5. Hartt951

    Thanks for covering our efforts.

    We will not give up, and though our chances may be slim, Jericho will be back. May it be on Sci Fi, The CW, USA, Hallmark, Comcast, a movie, we don’t know, but it will be back.

  6. Mudflap62

    Hey Chris
    Thank you for the article. I am proud to say that I am one of the so called “rag tag crew”. If you truly believed in something and felt it was worth fighting for I bet you would be right there helping with the fight. The Rangers are one special group of people that believe a good quality show like Jericho is worth fighting for and should remain on TV. Hence our campaign to find it a new home.

  7. kimpooh19

    I don’t think we are trying to claim to be the “best” fan base. But we are very loyal, determined and hopeful. How many fandoms but their own money and hard work into a billboard, magazines and TV commercials? How about “one” of the best, if that suits you. Thanks for the article.

  8. Thanks for interviewing RP, he does amazing work. “Rag-tag” Rangers? I kind of like it. Jericho is the only television show I have ever felt was worth fighting for, and I will continue to fight for. Whatever networks may pick up Jericho, they have ready made audience with more disposable income than they realize right now.

    Sis wt

  9. Marlene (mpbnice)

    I sort of like the “rag tag” comment! We are all well aware that CBS is not bringing back Jericho. Our hope is that it is picked up by another network that will appreciate the 6+ million Jericho viewers.

  10. skeletonjack

    A appreciate the article. Unfortunately, this is another blow against quality television. There are so few good programs out these days, and NONE carry with them the loyal fanbase that “Jericho” has generated; it’s not always about the numbers…kudos to all of the “Jericho” rangers and the cast, crew, and others who have put so much of themselves into this effort.

  11. jericho911

    Thanks for the article. I am part of the “rag-tag” group of rangers fighting to get my show back. We realize Jericho will not be show on cbs and that is the reason for the campaignS. We are trying to get the attention of other networks and hopefully they will see that 6 million “rag-tag” fans are willing to follow the show wherever it goes. Jericho is truly quality television and we are so tired of the JUNK that is being put on for our viewing. Again, thanks for the article.

  12. Dbalcer1

    Chris, Thanks for highighting Rubberpoultry’s excellent work. We are pushing forward to show a new network that we are worht listening to. CBS could have kept this show and nutured it instead of wasting the episodes with a lead in like Big Brother. We are taking our message to LA any way we can . We have bought a Billboard, bought ads in variety and Hollywood Reporter and are also donating DVDS to the troops and peanut butter to a Kansas food bank. I don’t think I would call us rag-tag. Nancy Tellum has heard our passion and the directors are negotiating. Hopefully we will know soon where our show will air next.

  13. Chris Albrecht

    Hey Curlybean,

    I dunno. Are Jericho Rangers the best fan base? Those Whedonistas were trying to save Dollhouse before the first episode even aired…

  14. curlybean

    RubberPoultry, and maybe a few other unsung heroes, did an amazing job with the TV ad campaign. The ad is brilliant, and the fact that Brad Beyer voiced it is so cool. What a brilliant step forward in fan campaigns. No other fan base can compare to the Jericho Rangers.

  15. My favorite part of the ad is how we are committed to spotlighting the need for quality TV, which Jericho epitomized. I think that there is a movement and that Jericho and Jericho fans are a catalyst of, that of the cry for good drama vs. the reality and procedural mecca tv is becoming. RP did us proud and Brad’s assistance shows how much the show means even to the actors. It isn’t because of a paycheck, it’s because Jericho makes a difference.

  16. Way to go Jason – RP – we will continue to fight the fight. “My father exoected us to make a stand here…that’s what we’re going to do” – Jake Green, final episode of season one; “Why We Fight”.

  17. Chris,
    thank you for the kind words and nice review!
    After thing about this campaign is centered around one thing……………Making History……..Again.
    And I could have never have been more proud to work along side all of these fervan fans.
    We WILL see a Season 3!

  18. Chris Albrecht

    Hey Jericho fans,

    Man, you guys aren’t foolin’. Thanks for all the comments. I admire your tenacity.

    I asked Jason this question this morning, but I’ll ask all of you — why don’t you create your own version of the TV show? The passion and talent is obviously there.

    Would love to hear your thoughts.

  19. Welcome2CHO

    As a member of this ‘rag-tag crew,’ we understand the odds we face. But when you love something enough….when you care enough about the people involved….when you feel there’s lots of life and a great message to be shared through a non-‘reality’ quality TV show, it’s hard to walk away. Thank you for recognizing our efforts.

  20. Okjayhawkgirl

    RP and Brad Beyers are so amazing for making a fantastic commericial. The rangers are lucky to have to have such dedicated fans, and a cast that is supportive of them. Even the producers interact with the fans and try to let them know what is going on. I truly believe that Jericho will be picked up by another network, and we will get season 3.

    Thanks for the article and giving RP the attention that he deserves.

  21. artzylady

    Hey there Chris Albrecht & RP…

    Another huge Jericho fan here to tell ya that we aren’t taking no for an answer this time. Network TV has messed with us long enough as have the Nielsen’s. Since Nancy Tellem, the go to person at CBS Paramount, and the producers, cast, and crew of Jericho want it brought back, I have no doubt that it will happen. It’s only a matter of time before this is accomplished. A cable network would be perfect but we’ll take it any way/place we can get it.

  22. We’re all pretty pleased with the ad. I’m so glad RubberPoultry is on our side. To have the cooperation of JERICHO’s cast and crew behind this effort as well, is simply thrilling.
    While none of us expects CBS itself to pick up JERICHO, we do believe the story still has life and should be given a real chance to shine at another venue.

  23. dsande01

    Thanks for the article Chris, it’s much appreciated! However, our efforts to save Jericho again have every chance of success … just not on CBS. There are many things CBS could have done differently to promote better ratings but that’s water under the bridge and I will be grateful that they were the ones that brought Jericho to us in the first place. It’s simply time to find it another home and the producers, Carol Barbee and Jon Turteltaub, have encouraged us with news that talks are ongoing to make that happen and to keep up the good fight … which we are!

    Again, thanks for the article, Chris, and have a great weekend!


  24. Skeetilicious

    Never say never…..and I think weve proven that before. Thanks for the article ~ The huge fanbase that Jericho has and the recent efforts they have made to bring it back is massive and brilliant and we are confident that someone will pick it up and BRING JERICHO BACK ~

  25. Once bitten twice shy, I’d love to see Jericho come back, but doubt that CBS will be willing to take on the risk again. It’d be great if they could get a smaller channel like USA (whose been producing some great original programming) or SpikeTV to pick up the show, but I’m not holding my breath.

    Even better than Jericho would be to see The 4400 come back. I just discovered the series about a month and a half ago and get goosebumps when watching it. I haven’t seen a program this good since the X-files. The DVD was able to convince Fox to bring back Family Guy, so I’m hoping that digital video will get its shot at bringing back one of these great niche shows.

  26. RP did such a great job with this spot! I’m so impressed.

    Jericho is such an amazing show. The writers and everyone have conquered an idea that’s on everyone’s minds in America. The show deserves another shot.

    Bring us a Season 3!!!!


  27. Jeanine

    Thank you for the great article. And yes, we know that there is no chance that CBS the network will renew this show. Their loss really. We are very confident though that it will live on, either on another network or as a movie or some combination of the two. Someone will realize what a quality show it is and how dedicated the following is.

  28. Thanks Chris for the article. Chances may be lower than the first time around, but so far we have a perfect record of saving Jericho.

    Oh, and Brad Beyer is a series regular, not a recurring if it matter.

    Thanks for a very fair and well written assessment of what we’re trying to do!