Fans Create TV Spot to Save Jericho…Again

Never let it be said that fans of the twice-canceled show Jericho give up easy. Our friends over at TV by the Numbers pointed us to a renewed effort by fans to save the show. This time, they’re taking their message straight to TV.

Quick refresher: Jericho was a prime-time show on CBS about a small town in the wake of a nuclear strike against the U.S.. The show was canceled, fans went ballistic, CBS brought it back, ratings didn’t improve, and it was canceled again.

Filled with a never-say-die attitude, the fans decided to kick things up a notch. They created, raised more than $6,000 from donors around the world, created an ad, and bought commercial time on local cable in Los Angeles. Starting on Monday, the spot will run more than 200 times over the following 10 days.

Far from the glitz of Hollywood out in Dayton, Ohio, Jason Moore (aka “RubberPoultry”) made the new commercial. I talked to him about the show and his involvement to save it. “I’m not a boycotter; I never got involved in trying to save anything before,” said Moore. “But there’s something about this show that captured the imagination of the people.”

Moore said that the creators of the show have been very supportive. In fact, one of the recurring actors on Jericho did the voiceover for the commercial.

While one has to applaud the efforts of this rag-tag crew, the odds of their beloved show being resurrected are pretty slim. CBS already feels burned from the first time it listened to the online fans, and the Internet protests to save Moonlight, another show on the network, failed earlier this year.


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