Do You Need Miro?

ScreenshotMiro is an interesting bit of software for a web worker: free, open source, and not fitting into the usual categories. Depending on your work habits and interests, though, you may find this desktop video player to be a great addition to your day. You can think of Miro as something like an RSS reader, but for video instead of blog postings: you can subscribe to channels, or create persistent keyword searches, and then just wait for content to show up. Miro keeps an eye on the video you’ve said you’re interested in, and adds it to your library quietly in the background. You can then play it at your leisure (making video watching potentially one more batch activity).

ScreenshotMiro includes a built-in channel guide, the ability to monitor your local drive for downloaded videos, and a folder-based library system. If you’ve moved from RSS and podcasts to vidcasts, and want to get your watching organized, give it a spin.

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