Breaking news- eReader for the iPhone in the works

EreaderI read so many ebooks and I do it using the great reader application eReader.  I have over 350 books in my eReader bookshelf and was happy to hear from the Fictionwise founder that they would continue to develop versions of eReader for different platforms.  You may recall that Fictionwise recently bought eReader from Motricity and it was good to hear that they intended to keep eReader growing in the future.  Now that I’m tempted to pick up an iPhone 3G when it’s released next month I began thinking that I would need a version of eReader to use for my ebooks.  I feel pretty confident that the big screen of the iPhone would make for a sterling ebook reader but I’d need Fictionwise to pump out a version for that phone.  I reached out to the folks at Fictionwise and asked them if they plan on a version of eReader for the iPhone and this is what they said:

Apple released their SDK for iphone/itouch on March 6. Wehave two Mac development experts doing the work to make eReader function on theiphone/itouch right now. Apple will allow third party applications, likeeReader, to be used by customers after the next iPhone/iTouch firmware updatewhich is currently estimated to be released on June 30 and we expect to be donewith our porting work at about the same time.

However, there is also a wild card in that Apple mustapprove of each and every application released for iphone/itouch, and we arecurrently seeking information about what the criteria are to qualify. We willcertainly support these devices if we possibly can and Apple allows it.

Thank you!

Best Regards,

Fictionwise/eReader Support Team

Woot!  Come on Apple, get the iPhone eReader version approved ASAP!


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