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MySpace Biggest Chance At Hitting The Refresh Button: Relaunching Homepage and Other Functions

Splash_appsMySpace, which realized late last year that it needed to hit the refresh button on its design, layout and functionalities after years of bandaging services together, is now about a week away from doing so. On June 18th, next week, it will roll out changes in five major product areas: a complete homepage redesign, simplified main nav, better and more streamlined (read: making the pages cleaner) profile builder for users; improved search; and a redesigned MySpaceTV player.

On the homepage, the main thought is attracting new users and making some of the key uses of MySpace much clearer (hence attracting new users), including MySpace apps (widgets), music, games and TV. These four views will be rotated via four different page versions, and will be customized depending where the users are coming from and their interests. On the navigation, it is paring the tabs down from 15 to about five. On the profile editor, it will make it easier for users to access a “more creative palette” of page themes, the company says…”creative” is certainly in the eye of the beholder, and more true on MySpace than anywhere else. On search, it has improved and pre-defined queries for ease of finding specific things. The new MySpaceTV player now includes scrubber, time-stamp, volume memory, new menu system and other functionalities. The player fully utilizes Flash 9, with a full-screen mode

Some screenshots on the redesign homepage and the video player are uploaded here. Will this be enough for MySpace in its continuing competition with Facebook? At least they’re cleaning up things, which is a good start…