Yes Virginia, there is a Firefox Mobile


No question I loves me some Firefox in the morning and it seems like it’s been rumored for years that Mozilla has been secretly working on a mobile version of the browser.  Firefox Mobile has long been reported to be the light version of the browser designed to take advantage of handheld devices that need special attention.  According to the people behind FF Mobile it is designed around touch as the main source of interaction, although they are shunning multi-touch as not mainstream enough.  There is video of the concept version that shows how FF Mobile might look when it’s released.  Some day.


(Aza’s Thoughts via Gizmodo)



Minimo wasn’t so bad, when you compare it to what else was available when it initially came out. Pocket I.E and think Opera mini 2 or 3.

The problem was that it was quiet resource intensive so that older or smaller Pocket PC’s with slower chips tended to struggle.

While opera mini had a better interface, because it runs in Java it has its own share of issues.

The final issue was that development had more or less stopped as it was more of a 1 man project, so while the other browsers got better, Minimo got left behind.

Papa Jango

Minimo was horrible and I’m hoping Firefox Mobile will be MUCH better than Minimo.


I’m with Jake here. Been having loads of fun with it on my N800 for a while now :)


Only in purpose; Firefox Mobile is a replacement for Minimo from the (base Firefox code) up.

Ricky B.

Concept? :) I’ve been playing with the Fennec beta on my Nokia N810 for months; it’s a public beta.


I’d have thought that after all these years they could have come up with something better than this. All that panning just to get to controls looks like a real hassle and I can’t see it working well with pages that require horizontal scrolling. I could also see myself zooming out accidentally every time I try to get to the back button.

Also, I’d just like to point out that Internet Explorer had “kinetic scrolling” on tablets before the iPhone :)

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