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Tesla Getting Cozy With Daimler?

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If Tesla execs organized their sock drawers we’d write about it. Here’s the latest, according to a report on Fox Business news (via AutoblogGreen and Just-Auto), and it’s much juicier than OCD employees. Tesla’s rock star chairman, Elon Musk, says that the Silicon Valley electric vehicle startup has a deal going with Germany’s Daimler.

We have no idea what that involves and are waiting to hear back from Tesla. But AutoblogGreen indulges in some creative speculation, like Tesla could be licensing battery management tech to Daimler, or Daimler will make the WhiteStar engine. Tesla has previously said it wants to partner with a big auto company on the production of its third vehicle; perhaps the company is pursuing that idea for its second car instead? Scaling up production has been a major hurdle for the startup. We’ll add more when we know more. In the meantime check out some B-roll from the Tesla media site below: