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Qik: We Can Do Live Video on the iPhone, Too!

Like Flixwagon before it, live video streamer Qik just said it had a working product on Apple’s iPhone. Competition in this space is stiff, despite it being very early on; Flixwagon had only made its announcement this morning.

The product will be available for Qik alpha users next week, said a spokesperson. Qik had less than a week ago said it would also be compatible with Windows Mobile phones.

For a side-by-side comparison, here’s the Flixwagon video:

Our next project: finding out how they do this without a video camera.

4 Responses to “Qik: We Can Do Live Video on the iPhone, Too!”

  1. Yessss, my prayers have been answered. This makes more sense to me since you’ll have unlimited storage space online as compare to your video recording device. The iPhone gets more purposeful as applications like these develop. With this, we’ve just skipped video recording and jumped right into live video streaming!