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E2T Video: Google to Invest in Green Cars This Summer

Google has gone to Washington this week and teamed up with the Brookings Institute to host a conference called “Plug-in Electric Vehicles 2008: What Role for Washington?” At the show we grabbed some camera time with’s director for climate change and energy initiatives, Dan Reicher, and chatted about the philanthropic arm’s investment strategies in cleantech and in-house research and development that will fight global warming.

Reicher says Google will be announcing investments in green cars this summer through it’s plug-in hybrid program, RechargeIT. This will add to’s cleantech portfolio which already includes eSolar and Makani, which invested in through it’s RE Less Than C program.

This is also a big step beyond the four plug-in hybrids that currently constitute the entire RechargeIT program. It’s clear from this conference that Google thinks plug-ins are going to be big. During the conference’s opening remarks, Reicher rattled off the results of a recent poll Google conducted that shows that three out of four voters support an active government role in promoting plug-in electric cars and trucks.

9 Responses to “E2T Video: Google to Invest in Green Cars This Summer”

  1. This is the perfect case of the cart before the horse. Considering the overwhelming resources Google has at its disposal, they’d do better to invest in the development of the high density solid state li-ion chemistries laying waste in the labs of Universities like MIT rather than give more money to the plug-in car makers who just want to buy batteries off the shelf, perpetuating the production of pre-gen chemistries, which is why the entire EV is crawling along rather than acheiving the range it needs to compete on an even playing field with the internal combustion engine.

    It’s what we told to the folks at the X-Prize… but they just want to build cars before the batteries are ready to meet the challenge, rather than invest in bringing battery technology up to the challenge.

    This is why Electrifying Times has been on hiatus, because the entire EV industry is waiting for the battery, while all these Johnny come latelys who have too much money to blow, are still trying to make EV commercially viable without solid state li-ion.