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Apple Awards Prizes To The Best iPhone Applications

imageApple (NSDQ: AAPL) received a ton of press on Monday when Steve Jobs took the stage to unveil the iPhone 3G, but the Worldwide Developer Conference in San Francisco continued on for the rest of this week, with many tracks focused on iPhone development. It’s not receiving press because we weren’t allowed to attend and all the participants were required to sign NDA’s. But some information is now getting out about last night’s awards ceremony in which Apple named the best SDK and Web applications for the iPhone. Here’s the list of winners:

Best iPhone Game: Enigmo 1.0 from Pangea Software. The game is a 3D puzzle where players construct mechanisms to direct lasers, plasma and water to toggle switches and deactiviate force-fields. The game was demo’d during the keynote, which showed off Apple’s high processor speed because little beads of water were rapidly deflecting off numerous pipes and other objects.

Best iPhone Healthcare & Fitness App: This category seems a bit granular, but the winner was MIMVista, the creator of MIM 1.0, which was also highlighted during the keynote. The application allows doctors to view MRI and CAT scan-type images on the phone and manipulate the images to see different views.

Best iPhone Social Networking App: Twiterrific 1.0, by The Iconfactory. The Twitter iPhone app uses the iPhone’s Core Location to integrate a person’s geographic, making it easy to find friends, family or co-workers.

Best iPhone Entertainment App: AOL Radio 1.0, developed by AOL (NYSE: TWX). The App allows users to stream more than 200 AOL and 150 CBS (NYSE: CBS) radio stations to their iPhone or iPod Touch. The app determines your location to offer the nearest local radio station.

Best iPhone productivity app: OmniFocus, developed by The Omni Group. The task-management app integrates into the desktop version, but adds other features such as the ability to log photos and record a user’s location, or recommend things to do nearby.

Best Web App: Remember The Milk for iPhone and iPod Touch 1.0. This is an online task manager used by more than 500,000 people today in 24 languages, which helps them with their grocery list, etc.

Runner-up Web App: AP Mobile News Network 1.0. This app, made and distributed by The Associated Press, provides local and national news articles, photos and video. It has also created an app using the SDK, which was demonstrated during the keynote and includes such features as citizen journalism.

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