Vignette Adds Video to CMS Products

Vignette this week integrated its acquisition of Vidavee into its content management system, aiming to offer a one-stop-shop for clients to deal with the various types of content on their web sites. Vignette’s advantage over other white-label video companies is its long list of existing CMS customers. It said American City Business Journals, and Mobifest had already signed up for the new video product.

Vignette’s Flash-based solution sounds like it has a few nice, but not unique, features, like dividing videos into scenes and giving users the ability to cut up and share videos. It will be sold as software as a service. Customers can use their own CDNs or pay Vignette to deliver video.

Vignette paid $6.6 million in cash for Vidavee in April. Vidavee had been working on heat maps of viewer interaction to insert advertising when people are most engaged, but that’s not yet part of the Vignette product. Let us know if you try Vignette Video out; we’d be interested to know how it compares. The company provided us with the screenshot above — not exactly the image I’d choose to showcase supposedly high-quality video transmission. Update: Vignette provided an alternate screenshot:

Shares of Vignette (VIGN) closed at $11.72 Wednesday, down $0.86 over the last two days.