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The Airlines Are Hurting More Than You: “More than half of what they [airlines] charge for a ticket is devoted to jet fuel, up from as little as 10% to 20% just a few years ago.” — WSJ.

Toyota “Moving Beyond Lithium Ion”: Toyota said today it will make its cars more fuel efficient, start producing lithium ion battery tech with a JV, and develop battery technology that is beyond lithium ion. Also buried at the end of this article, the company says it is looking into cellulosic ethanol, too. And then theres the fact that they confirmed a plug-in hybrid for 2010. A long green to-do list. — Forbes and AutoblogGreen.

Thin Film Heading to German Court: The world’s largest maker of thin film solar equipment filed a complaint against Sunfilm in Germany for patent infringement — Bloomberg.

Algae-to-Biodiesel, Algenol in the Money?: Florida’s Algenol Biofuels is reported to have a $850 million licensing deal — Inside Greentech.

Xtrac Says Flywheels for Hybrid Vehicles: Xtrac, a company that develops transmission technology, says its flywheel kinetic energy recovery systems (KERS) that is being created for Formula One cars could be used for hybrid vehicles — Green CarCongress.

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Remy Chevalier

There is no “beyond” Li-ion in battery chemistry. Lithium is to metals what Hydrogen is to gases, the primary element. Solid-State Li-ion chemistry reaches the limits of battery storage… this said, there are Li-ion chemistries on the bench, which could, in theory, take a passenger vehicle 3000 miles on one charge, at least that’s what some engineers at the latest battery industry symposium in Florida a few weeks ago claimed. If we could put into production solid state chemistries, versus the liquid gel chemistries still prevalent today as it is with a123, we’d be well on our way to a 100% EV economy. There might be something else on the horizon, there always is, but the simplicity and elegance of solid state Li-ion, very similar in design and execution to the Nanosolar way of mass producing PV cells, would suffice to detrone gasoline. Which is why I am skeptical of such claims, as they are usually thrown out there by the auto-industry as a Red Herring, to perpetuate the “for the future” syndrome… every year it’s another ten years off… which is how they ended up sinking billions into fuel cells, when everyone knew the membranes wouldn’t hold up. Creates jobs I guess… it doesn’t further the cause of an oil free economy. Comes a time when you have to settle, and start building… solid state Li-ion is that time. And yet, we’re still not doing it.

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