Share Your Office Art at Notaland

One of the things “real” offices have that virtual web worker offices don’t is the break room bulletin board. That’s that shared space you stare at while your coffee is brewing. It’s where the people you work with stick photos of their new babies, garage sale notices, maps to the best lunch spots, bad doodles and other bits.

While I’m sure that the people behind had loftier uses in mind, I’m finding this visual/video wiki makes an excellent break room board. And while it’s now public beta and has a rough edge or two, so far I’ve found it extremely stable.

You start by going to and then search for Flickr photos (with CC attribution status shown, a nice touch), YouTube videos, Google Maps, or your own graphic files and drag them onto your first page. Being a free web app, you can take your shared break room board (or your travelogue, travel report, your home room report, your anything you want) and email it, Facebook it, embed it on your web site, print it or just let it join the growing gallery of notapages at this Japanese startup with offices in San Jose, CA.

Like someone else’s Notapage? Remix it into one of your pages. It’s not all about graphics and videos – you can add text, links, comments. Want to create a shared experience? Invite up to 50 people in to edit simultaneously. A very cool shared web 2.0 tool.


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