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Vid-Biz: Canoe, Amazon, Talk Market

Project Canoe Gets a CEO; cable’s targeted ad consortium to sell its services to networks, not directly to advertisers. (The Wall Street Journal)

Amazon’s Outages Related to New Video Service? BofA analysts speculate that the upcoming pay-per-view streaming system could be causing the downtime. (Bits Blog)

The Talk Market Gets Funding from Amazon; retailer invests an undisclosed sum in startup that allows business to create product demos and put them on the web. (Seattle P-I)

Washington Post Raising an Army of Videographers; paper has trained 185 staffers on how to use videocameras, and has even provided videocameras to photographers. (Beet.TV)

CDNetworks to Power Lycos Cinema; CDN’s implementation of Adobe Flash Media Server will allow new VOD rental service from Lycos Cinema. (release)

Bebo and Universal Music Team Up for Web Series; viewers will be able to affect the plot of The Secret World of Sam King, which will also feature cameos from Universal artists. (MediaWeek)

Channel Frederator Awards Announced; winners include Fumi and the Bad Luck Foot, Anfang Anzufangen and Dan Meth. (Channel Frederator)