iPhone 3G – SMS Text Messages No Longer Bundled

Are you thinking of getting a new iPhone 3G next month? Do you like to send/receive text messages? If you’re thinking of lining up on July 11, you’ve already budgeted the $30/month for the data plan. But did you know that you should also select a separate messaging plan?

From Om Malik’s interview with Ralph de la Vega, President & Chief Executive Officer of AT&T Mobility (emphasis mine):

OM: Has there been a change in the cost of data plans?

RDLV: The data plans are different on the 3G iPhone versus the 2G iPhone. Consumers will pay $30 a month every month, while enterprises will pay $45 a month. This is what you pay us on other PDA devices such as Blackberry Curve. The SMS messages are not bundled anymore, and you pay for what you want. Again the prices are based on what you buy.

What he neglects to mention is that the $45 PDA plan for BlackBerry is also available to consumers (it’s the plan I have on my BlackBerry 8800) and that it includes 1500 text messages.

How much more will this set you back? AT&T will charge you $0.20 per message sent and received if you don’t have a plan that includes messages. It adds up quickly. No warning until the bill comes. No way of returning unwanted messages to sender. Plans start at $5 per month for 200 messages, going to $20 per month for unlimited messages. That’s on top of the data and voice plan.

The old iPhone rate plan was $20 per month and included 200 messages.


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