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@ CM Summit: Agencies: Big On Data, Not On Insight

imageThe transition from traditional to digital has agencies trying to figure out what their roles are. “What can agencies do with regard to sorting through metrics? Where’s the insight?” were the questions Chas Edwards, publisher and chief revenue officer, Federated Media, pointed out to a morning panel at his company’s Conversational Marketing Summit. The main take away: agencies are big on offering all kinds of metrics to determine if a campaign “worked”; but the definition of success remains a work in progress.

Division of labor: Daina Middleton, SVP of Sunao, Moxie Interactive: The agency can’t assume marketing analytics. That has to be the client’s role to take ownership too. An agency can provide the right measurement and benchmarks and recommended processes… The real insight comes from putting all that together.

Sorting intelligence: Darren Herman, Media Kitchen’s head of digital media: “There will always always be specialist firms in marketing. That’s true on Wall St. Every medium is becoming digital. And when you’re looking at digital TV, online and mobile, there will have to be separate marketing tracks to address clients needs according to those different outlets.”

Video ads: During an afternoon presentation yesterday, incoming Aegis Media Americas CEO Sarah Fay said agencies need to become producers of content. Middleton: “The agency and the client need to widen their purview. We produce video in-house for clients. When I worked with HP, we had customers create videos, which we could then syndicate — and that’s where the agency came in, in terms of the distribution process and tracking how the content was passed on.” In the future, added Jon Raj, chief digital officer for Omnicom’s OMD, the question will be where should the marketing content be created? “Should it be the clients? Or should it be creative shops or media agencies? Maybe specialist entities? I think it’s going to take a lot of trial and error until we get to to that point. Right now the roles are changing and evolving. I don’t consider my job as ‘media buying’; my job is innovation.”