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Airtel To Launch 3G iPhone In October

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Airtel and Vodafone (NYSE: VOD) will launch the iPhone 3G in India this year. Airtel President and CEO Manoj Kohli is quoted by HT stating the device will available by mid-October. Vodafone however has refused to comment. Both the operators haven’t shared pricing details. Apple’s revised pricing has given my previous post a shining black eye. We had earlier predicted the average pricing of the 2G phones to be Rs 21k (8GB) and around 25k (16GB). The 3G versions will be Rs 8k (8GB) and Rs 12k (16GB), although subject to a 2 year contract in the States. If 3G policy shapes up by year-end and the 3iPhone is able to land at a similar price point, it could turn out to be a great entry buy and sell for both consumers and operators. Besides, being location aware would help operators like RComm (Reliance Technology Ventures has funded Whrrl, the first iPhone app development venture to be funded) to position it based on local services rather than only price cuts. Meanwhile, after having paid twice the amount for a fatter 16GB 2G version, buyers remorse has robbed me of life, appetite and sleep. Thankfully, there is comfort in numbers, I am not the only one to have bitten that Apple (NSDQ: AAPL).

56 Responses to “Airtel To Launch 3G iPhone In October”

  1. i have 50 iphones 3g.if anybody want to buy 3g iphone can contact with me anytime the iphone cost is 15000 thouand rupees indian mobile number is 09888721286 call me

  2. Hi all,
    Iphone to be launched in october will be of two types – locked and unlocked.
    The one of 8000 will be unlocked ie u cannot use it as u wish and use other phones like N70 etc. Everything will be controlled by the service provider and apple.
    If you want to use it as u wish ie install applications and use it freely u have to make it locked for that u have to spend some extra bucks that will be around Rs. 20000. The total cost of iphone 3G (locked) will be 25-30K.
    So ppl chill and don't get dissapointed later.


  3. Aakash

    I think vishnu is right. proper use of iphone 3g is to use the internet over it. currently airtel is taking rs. 500/m for unlimited data plan. And there is two year contract will bind you. Iphone will definitely use data from internet for the softwares from it. that's y it is so cheap in figures ang seems so costly acyually. in numbers after 2 years it will costs you about 25000/- or more.
    from any operator airtel or vodafone. remember 10 paisa/10 kb is much heavy costs for internet users.
    be aware before buying it.

  4. MobStir

    Its not the device but what you can do with it thats important. the new 3g phone in india without the backing 3g service is prety much what the first version was.

    I would be keen to see what the content play is on the iphone, not the phone service, costs etc.

  5. C'mon, I thought Apple would price the iPhone 3G low in every country. When I heard that it was just $199, I was jumping with joy and I wanted it so badly but now it seems as if the prices will start just above Rs.15k which is a GREAT disappointment to me. I just hope Airtel & Vodafone can dish out plans where you can buy the 3G for Rs.8k – 15k & then of course you pay the monthly bill, & additional WiFi & connectivity charges. That will be great.

  6. iphone 3g is very good. i have already seen its post release reviews. but the saddest thing is it is not released in india. even though the bookings are open it will take more time. it may hit india nxt year. but the price of it in india(around 16000 – 18000 for a basic 8gb model according to some unknown persons n some leading websites) is a bit high for the features it had at present. if it comes for the same price a it is in US, ie $200 (around 10,000) is worthwhile. but am sure that the price will be a bit high n the plan for that will also be high such that it may become a hurdle between a basic employee n apple iphone.

  7. jagat

    A friend of mine has got iphone and he is facing lots of technical problem. e.g. It hangs inbetween serching the contacts or typing msgs. Network prob.etc.
    Is it fruitful to buy it after the launch in India?

  8. G.S.Brar

    i wont buy an iphone ….man its gonna be common /…..just 8k …just imagine …evyrbody gonna have it………so it wont be anything special ,……….so never ever iphone …bye bye n tata

  9. IFreak

    I think Vishnu is the biggest fool here who bought a Iphone for some astronomical price and poor guy has to crack it to use it in india. Warranty void…no software updates poor chap…Now after going mad he is saying people here are fools.

  10. vishnu

    All you fools are wasting time.Apple Iphone is not just for anyone.You need to have knowledge and lil bit of common sense to use it.I already have a iphone and thought about how could apple sell the 3G version for so cheap.Well its gonna be a huge flop!As people who already possess the phone can use any network of their choice and for the new ones the have contractual obligations.

    As for this low cost iphone 3G there is a big marketing strategy as vodafone would be compensating the rest of the amount(8000) in two years.Vodafone charges 10paise/10kb for browsing not only that to browse in iphone u need to activate vodafone WWW WHICH costs 191RS.So dont get too excited…You all goons deserve just samsung or LG…YOU all cheap shits!!

  11. saketh

    its airtel who is going to release iphone in india not vodafone.
    i have already seen it in apple website.
    airtel customers send an sms—iphone to 54321

  12. LordHawHaw

    I don't think anyone has yet figured out the what the price is going to be in India. I seriously doubt it will 8K and 12K respectively.

    There will be a riot on the streets. And after years of avoiding airtel thugs. I might actually subscribe to airtel again.

  13. Nick they have to start those contracts here i think that would be great if they do that soon. but the real issue is how they going to have a brandwidth to supprt this system. I think they would have only adverts where an actor would talk to another actor by thier new 3g phone but in reality the testing would be killing for users in terms of usage and the cost with it.