Tots and Teens Dig the NewTeeVee


Watch out, oldteevee! According to new Nielsen data, the next generation of video watchers is spending even more time with online video at home than the current crop of adults do.

During the month of April, kids ages 2 to 11 watched an average of 51 streams per month and 118 minutes of online video per month. Teens ages 12 to 17 watched an average of 74 streams per month and 132 minutes of online video. Fogeys over the age of 18 watched just 44.3 streams per month and spent 99.4 minutes per viewer.

YouTube was unsurprisingly tops for both kids and teens, but after that, their patterns diverge with kids ages 2 to 11 gravitating toward sites for popular toys and TV programming like Disney and Nickelodeon, while teenagers go after music videos and movie trailers.

Of course, these numbers just represent home watching and don’t take into consideration other places adults can watch newteevee, such as work (lunch time is the new prime time). But it’s more evidence that an entire generation is logging on instead of tuning in.

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