Telework: Sun Runs the Numbers


One reason why many web workers love the way they work is that they’re helping to save the planet. We know that not physically commuting and occupying office cubicles cuts down on pollution – but by how much? Some new findings from Sun Microsystems (who, like many corporations, have their own flexible work program) give us concrete numbers to refer to. Among their conclusions:

  • The average worker only used 64 watts per hour at home, compared to 130 watts per hour in a Sun office.
  • Commuting was responsible for 98% of each employee’s carbon footprint.
  • Working from home two and a half days per week saves two and a half weeks of commuting time per year.
  • The same amount of work at home saves 5400 kilowatt hours of energy per year.

All in all, a confirmation of what most of us already believed – but it’s nice to get some hard numbers to show that we’re not just shifting energy use from one place to another.

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