Scrnshots Debuts New Desktop Application


The OS X desktop uploader client for the Scrnshots serviceLast month we covered the launch of Canadian startup Scrnshots – a service to help designers share their inspirations as screenshots.

Cofounders Greg Bell and Derek Kehler alluded to a bunch of upcoming features in last month’s interview, many of which have been rolled out in the last few days.

Along with new image and user search features, as well as a public API, perhaps the most notable addition is the launch of Scrnshots Desktop, a long-awaited desktop application for quickly grabbing and uploading screenshots to the service.

Scrnshots desktop removes one of the signficant barriers to widespread adoption of the service, enabling users to lasso and grab an area of the screen, annotate the image with URLs, descriptions and tags and then upload all within 3-4 clicks; the application also includes the ability to batch upload and annotate images that a user may have collected through other means.

Available for both OS X (Leopard only) and Windows, the Scrnshots Desktop runs unobtrusively in a Mac’s menu bar or the Windows System Tray, enabling users to capture and share media without hesitation. Its light footprint on screen real estate and it simple mechanism for uploading and sharing wil likely drive use of the service with currently ad-hoc users. Personally, I’m getting a lot out of the service and already the client is active in my Mac’s menu bar, so I can clip’n’share without hesitating.

One of the cutest features of the OS X client is auto-completion of tags for images you’re about to upload – something’s that’s lacking in similar clients, such as the Flickr Uploader.

Greg and Derek have suggested much more is to come with the service – it’s off to a great start and it seems like they’re hearing user’s requests and translating them quickly into features.


Imran Ali

Scrnshots is a little like Skitch – but as you point out not Mac-only…and I guess functionally the same, but with a focus on inspiring designers.

That said – I can see gamers and other user types using both Skitch and Scrnshots.

Michael Thompson

If I’m on a Mac, I’d rather be using Skitch. Skitch is hands-down the fastest, best way I’ve ever seen to share screenshots/screen-grabs, and unlike many of its competitors it allows you to doodle or type on the captured image. The “webpost” options are nice, too.

Viva la (le?) Skitch!

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