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Amb_mainI made the move to eBooks back in 2003, but I still have hundreds and hundreds of print titles in my personal library. One thing I don’t have is an easy way to organize them in a digital format, so I’m jumping on the Giveaway of the Day before it expires at midnight tonight. All My Books for Windows machines is the freebie today; it normally costs $35 for a client license. [Yes, I’m grabbing a desktop client app… just in case my web-only experiment goes south!]

With All My Books, you don’t have to enter much information on your books. Simply fill in the title, author or ISBN number and it goes out to the web to pull in the remaining information for you, including a picture of the cover! Looks like there’s a number of export options to use the data as you see fit: XLS, CSV, HTML, and more. For free, it’s worth a try… especially if you have several library shelves like I do. Seriously… my shelves came from a an old library I used to work at!


Mike Cane

The world has changed since you posted that.

All software now has to answer these questions:

1) Will it sync with MobileMe?

2) Can it sync that data to my iPhone?

Anything that says No = FAIL!


Zotero (firefox add-on) is great way to catalog books and ebooks.

Lorie Ghamy

Trick of the day !

For those who need to reinstall any of the “Gift of the day” on another machine, or later, open before installation

C:Users”your profile”AppDataLocalTemp…

Then choose in columns “Last write” priority. Then launch the Gift, and you will see a new file in the Temp file. Rename it with the real name of the app plus .exe and you can conserve a true copy for later…

Don’t applause, I’m not Steve Jobs…

Dave P

While I would definitely download AllMyBooks today while it’s free, for the long term you might also want to look into Readerware. In addition to offering the book, music, and video databases, it also offers a Palm version so you can take your inventory with you to the store and it supports bar code input and throws in a free bar code reader.

The only downside is that the free bar code reader is unnecessarily cute. It’s an old Cue Cat (if anyone remembers that failed marketing experiment).


Now I will definitely be getting this. Finally, a way to organize all my books, and comics. It even tracks those those on loan.

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