One step closer to GarageBand in your pocket


About a year ago, I mentioned how eventually you could have GarageBand in your pocket thanks to the iPhone. Today, we’re one step closer with Beatmaker and Band, two new applications for the iPhone and the iPod Touch.

There were some critics of this idea since the total capabilities of the iPhone were not fully known. Beatmaker is a sequencer that allows you to make beats on your iPhone. Apple featured Moo Cow Music’s Band application. According to Moo Cow Music, “Drums, bass, guitars, keyboards can all be played and recorded into one song from the same application.” I am very excited at this prospect and I’m sure I’m not the only one. I usually get music ideas while I’m traveling via train and this would actually allow me to work out an idea right on my phone. This application obviously could not replace a music studio, but it is a great way to work out demos during wasted time like traveling or standing in line.


Иван Соколов

Да уж. В этом блоге хоть комментаторы вменяемые А то пишут в коменты ерунду всякую.


I don’t want GarageBand in my pocket. I want NI Guitar Rig in my pocket. Or more accurately, Guitar Rig on my iPhone hanging from my guitar strap.

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