Lenovo x200 is replacing ThinkPad x61


Word has trickled out about a new Tablet PC from Lenovo, the x200.  Additional information is available at the ThinkPads forums and it is clear the x200 is the replacement model for the venerable x61, both notebook and Tablet PC.  The x200 Tablet PC will be available in September and incorporate both LV or ULV processors and come in a wide screen format according to the information posted:




HP4Me, the weights aren’t finalized, but from what’s posted each X200 model is approximately 1/4 pound lighter than the comparable X61 model. The low voltage notebook is the lightest X200 and the tablet model is the heaviest.


Am I correct that the lightest model is a regular Notebook, and the tablet is around the same weight as the current tablet model?


Is this the end of the non widescreen tablet? I for one kind of think widescreen isn’t the best for tablets..

Kevin C. Tofel

I was offline when this hit my Inbox, so thanks to James for posting and a BIG thanks to Rajkumar Nagarajan for the tip! :)

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