Floppy disk music for in between Apple WWDC updates


If you don’t plan to follow the many live Apple WWDC feeds (I’m following Engadget’s) or they’re just not updating fast enough for you, here’s a little Star Wars music to pass the time. Played by a 3.5-inch floppy disk. [Apparently, there’s life in those old floppy disks yet and/or they were actually developed as anti-Jedi devices by the Emperor. Use at your own risk.]. Ironically, Apple was among the first computer manufacturers to adopt the floppy drive and also one of the first to can it with their 1998 iMac. Go figure this would show up today. Must have been a tremor in the Force or something…

(via Hackszine)


Mike Cane

I can’t believed I clicked on that and WATCHED it even AFTER reading about what it was.

I must a tumor somewhere in my head… (hmmm… the read or write head?).

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