@ WWDC: 6 Million iPhones Sold In First Year; 3G Is Here

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imageJobs came on stage to announce the 3G iPhone to a ton of hoots and hollers. But there’s more; he said that in a few weeks, the phone will have its first birthday, at which point they have sold 6 million iPhones (remember their target this year is to sell 10 million).

Here’s what makes Jobs happy:
— 90 percent customer sat
— 98 percent are browsing
— 94 percent are using email
— 90 percent use text messaging
— 80 percent use 10 features.

“6 million iPhones sold this year, and we are pretty thrilled with this, and we did figure out what our next challenges are. The next mountain we have to climb to go to the next level — 3G….”It

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Joyce Owens

When can we purchase the new iPhone? I have been holding my stimulus funds for this moment. I am so excited-You Go Steve (and of course the developers who worked on the project)!

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