Moto To Offer Full-Length Movies For Download On Handsets In UK

Motorola (NYSE: MOT), feeling ignored among all the iPhone-mania, has announced a deal of its own: in UK, it has done a deal with Paramount Pictures to offer full-length film downloads on its handsets, including The Italian Job, Star Trek and Team America: World Police for a total of about 40 movies. These will be available through Motorola’s web-based store, combining classic titles and newer films, reports Guardian. Motorola’s movie download store will later be extended to France, Spain, Germany and Italy.

Users pay between £5.99 and £8.99 per title for dual delivery, for download on their PC and then sideload them into the phones. Two issues to this: Firstly, too expensive, and second, still to be seen if users want to watch full-length movies on their phone-size screens.

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