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Icahn To Yahoo (Again): I Do Have A Credible Plan; Google Leaving You In The Dust

The spat between Icahn and Yahoo (NSDQ: YHOO) really should be taking place in the comments section of a blog, given how repetitive and unproductive it is. Today the war of public letters continues where it left off Friday, as Icahn has sent another missive to the Yahoo chairman Roy Bostock. Icahn’s argument this time (paraphrased): ‘I do have a plan, and you are mis-stating my position when you say I don’t.’ On the case for replacing Yang: “It is extremely important to note that Google (NSDQ: GOOG) hired a great operator as a CEO who helped to transform the Company into a giant at the expense of Yahoo! According to publicly available financial information, while Google’s income from operations grew 59% per year over the last two years, Yahoo!’s income from operations shrank 21%. What was the board doing over this period? Where was their great “plan”? I believe a new CEO with operating experience might well have had and might still have a very salutary impact on Yahoo! I ask again what your great “plan” has been over the last few years. Why did you permit Google to leave you in the dust?” Full statement.