Sling, vSNAX Do Vid Apps for iPhones

From our poll, it looks like most of you are salivating over the thought of a video-enabled iPhone — more than half of some 740 voters said they would buy such a device. But there are already some iPhone video apps already being shown off in advance of tomorrow’s announcement by third-party developers.

Sling Media will unveil its SlingPlayer place-shifting service running on a “jail broken” iPhone on Monday. But Sling fans will feel a little crestfallen, it’s just a proof-of-concept right now, and won’t be available to customers until after the Sling folks have had a chance to play around with the iPhone SDK. The company isn’t even demo’ing it on the show floor, instead presenting it at a nearby Starbucks.

Meanwhile, Rhythm New Media will unveil vSNAX, which is a free mobile video service that will offer news, gossip, weather, sports highlights, short films and more.

Indubitably this will not be the only video-for-iPhone news we hear this week. Check back tomorrow for all the juicy details from St. Steve’s keynote.