Sling, vSNAX Do Vid Apps for iPhones


From our poll, it looks like most of you are salivating over the thought of a video-enabled iPhone — more than half of some 740 voters said they would buy such a device. But there are already some iPhone video apps already being shown off in advance of tomorrow’s announcement by third-party developers.

Sling Media will unveil its SlingPlayer place-shifting service running on a “jail broken” iPhone on Monday. But Sling fans will feel a little crestfallen, it’s just a proof-of-concept right now, and won’t be available to customers until after the Sling folks have had a chance to play around with the iPhone SDK. The company isn’t even demo’ing it on the show floor, instead presenting it at a nearby Starbucks.

Meanwhile, Rhythm New Media will unveil vSNAX, which is a free mobile video service that will offer news, gossip, weather, sports highlights, short films and more.

Indubitably this will not be the only video-for-iPhone news we hear this week. Check back tomorrow for all the juicy details from St. Steve’s keynote.



You can already watch any video you find on the Internet on the iphone and ipod touch (yes, not only youtube or QT, Avi, wmv, mpeg,… as well) with

BTW, you can watch them on your mobile phone, wii, psp, …

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