Sling demos iPhone proof of concept for remote media streaming


Slingplayer_iphoneWhat would the night before XMAS WWDC be without a broken embargo, right? We were holding on to this news until midnight tonight but the cat’s out of the bag early… and somewhat expected anyway. Tomorrow at the Apple WWDC, Sling Media will be showing off a SlingPlayer mobile client for the iPhone. It’s solely a proof of concept (read: you can’t have it) that currently works on jailbroken phones, probably because the final iPhone SDK isn’t out the door just. Of course, that’s likely to change in less than 24 hours, so hopefully, the new iPhone client will move to reality pretty darn quick: remote television streams in 480 x 320 are sound pretty good to me. Or will the new iPhone have an even higher res? We’ll find out soon enough, but first I have to put some milk and cookies out for Stevie Claus… g’night! [Shoot! And I was thinking of bypassing this new iPhone version thinking I didn’t need 3G. Sling just threw that idea out the window. Scrooges! ;)]


Matthew F.

I’d imagine you can still skip the 3G iPhone, when the SDK was first announced they pointed out that VoIP apps would only be allowed to use the wifi connection. (as opposed to cell data) So unless they were simply playing coy regarding having proper data in a later release, it seems likely streaming video would have the same limitation.

Dave Zatz

It wasn’t Mobility Today and it was probably an accident. The embargo date was presented deep within an multi-paragraph email. I think most bloggers are hit with so many releases, for efficiency it’s easy to skim and read alternate sentences – or fewer.

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