Zoho Redesigned for the iPhone


Zoho is an office productivity suite that is entirely online, just like Google Docs, only with more stuff you can create (invoices, CRM, Projects). Raju and company recently redesigned the interface to work better with an iPhone. Writer, Creator, Sheet, and Show are supported. It looks pretty good, and works fairly well. When I looked at simple docs on the mobile interface, everything worked just as it should, but my older (desktop-created) docs were not so lucky. Two of them were cut half off in portrait mode. UPDATE: As Sathish noted in the comments, when they are cut off, you need to use two-finger scrolling to see the cut off portion. On further review, I did see that some documents were cut off in landscape and portrait, but two-finger scrolling did do the trick to see the rest of my document. I was expecting it to auto-resize to fit my screen, and that is why it threw me off. Thanks for keeping me straight Sathish.

I could be alone on this, but it is hard to write on the iPhone/iPod Touch (I have the latter, still waiting for Verizon to sign on with Apple). It takes so long to create something when compared with typing on a real keyboard. it is okay for short emails and notes, but I wrote a blog post once that took way too long. Although I do like the ability to be able to view my docs when I am not near a computer.

Zoho Show (PowerPoint) does look really good. They did a great job on that. The presentations look pretty slick and are easy to navigate.

If you want to test your document/spreadsheet/presentation creating skills on your iPhone, go to mobile.zoho.com and give it a whirl.


Sathish Rajagopalan

Hi Jethro Jones,

Thanks for trying and writing about our New Mobile interface.

Just wanted to help you out with the documents that weren’t showing well in our interface. Were you able to scroll (horizontally) through the document (cut half off in portrait mode) in question ?

If it isn’t personal, will it be possible for you to share the document to sathishr [at] zohocorp [dot] com ?


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