Revision3 Cancels Social Brew

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Just four episodes in, Revision3 has dropped the axe on its social network show, Social Brew. Rev3 CEO Jim Louderback explained the decision in a post to the company’s forums:

First let me apologize to everyone who had developed an attachment to Social Brew. This news will come as a shock, but unfortunately I’ve made the decision to cancel the show.

Why? From where I sit, it just wasn’t working. It wasn’t the hosts, it wasn’t the producer and it wasn’t the execution. It just didn’t come together, and I really think the concept was flawed from the outset – and that’s 100% my fault.

Yeah…That’s one way to put it. Another way is to say that after nabbing big names like Veronica Belmont and the EPIC-FU crew, the pressure was on to separate the wheat from the video chaff. Look for Rev3 to boost viewership with a very special Diggnation: MILF Island.

(Disclosure: Revision3 produces The GigaOM Show.)

1 Comment

James Britton

It couldn’t possibly be a result of the grating voice of the host, could it? Though I liked Moujan and Jimmy, hope they stay on in some form…

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