Your Vulcan UMPC will really Flip with this HSDPA mod



Mod-mistress "tnkgrl" is at it again: she took the plunge of modifying a Vulcan FlipStart to use integrated HSDPA… and she did it all on camera using Qik! The modem card used is the Sierra Wireless 875U and I just happen to have one sitting in the home office. I think I’ll be getting some use out my mini screwdriver kit over the weekend as a result.

There’s two videos: the first shows how to crack open both the modem and the FlipStart and start the install. Video the second shows the final steps, re-assembly and end results along with speed tests. Well worth watching if you don’t get squeamish at the sight of UMPC guts! This actually looks like a pretty managable mod: if you can upgrade the RAM in a Q1UP, you might be able to handle a mini-PCIe mod like this.

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