Will You Buy an iPhone If It Has Video?

Geeks everywhere who (like to think they) have style are eagerly awaiting Apple’s developer conference keynote on Monday, hoping for an improved iPhone. Rumor has it the phone will be cheaper and better — and most importantly, will use an improved 3G wireless network. And since FedEx is ferrying massive amounts of unmarked shipping boxes to Fremont, it’s a good bet the new version will be on sale immediately following the announcement.

The iPhone, till now, has not exactly been video-friendly. It does offer a pre-loaded link to YouTube, where you can watch agonizingly slow-to-load videos over EDGE. And there’s a nice enough still camera, but no video capture whatsoever. That’s less video than you’ll get from a contract-subsidized junk phone that carriers will virtually beg you to take home. And of course it eliminates the possibility of live video-streaming that startups like Qik enable on competitors like the Nokia N95.

But if the new version has video and 3G? That’s pretty big. I personally haven’t been persuaded by the touch-screen dream machine yet, but I’m thinking this could be my moment. How about you?