Vid-Biz: MPAA, Howcast, YouTube

MPAA Sends Takedown Notices to Laser Printers; study shows how indiscriminate organizations are when identifying potential copyright violations. (Bits Blog)

Howcast Signs Distribution Deals; how-to video company will get content from places like 60Frames, Popular Science and Playboy. (TVWeek)

YouTube Launches Reporter Channel; just as there are “Directors” and “Comedians” channels, this area is designated for people using YouTube to inform others and to analyze events. (YouTube Blog)

KIT Digital Partners with Media Gateway; two will work together to provide mobile video content across the Middle East and Africa. (release)

Indian Court Grants Injunction Against Yahoo; Bollywood film label T-Series broadens the scope of its legal fight against illegal streaming of its content. (The Hollywood Reporter)

Mini Movie Buys Das Vierte; short-form content distributor acquires free-to-air TV channel from NBC Universal in a deal valued at 50 million euros. (Quintura Blog)

Average U.S. Home Gets a Record 118.6 Channels; and yet we only tune into 16 of them for at least 10 minutes a week, according to Nielsen. (emailed release)