U.S. Skype users get Caller ID option


Skype_logoYes, it’s the little things in life that make many a mobile device user happy. For example: I’ve been using Skype since late-2004 and yet when I use SkypeOut, the person I’m calling gets "+0000123456" displayed on their caller ID. If I’m going to be a number in the system gosh-darnit, I want to at least have that number represent my individuality! Is that too much to ask?

Apparently that has been… up to now. U.S. Skype users can join the rest of the world by logging in to their account on the web and configuring the number they want shown for SkypeOut calls. Actually this could come in handy when you’re playing hooky and need to call in to the boss: use SkypeOut and have it show the phone number for your desk. Heh. Oh wait… Skype Caller ID only works with mobile phone numbers and online numbers. Unless your work phone is a mobile, you’re SOL on my not-so-brilliant idea. Was worth a try though. Still: I may be just a number to Skype, but at least it’s the right number now!

(via Download Squad)



this is what i’ve been waiting for. i have used skype as my only phone, with a netgear wifi phone and a nokia n800, for a while now, and lack of caller id on skype out was my only major complaint. i’m surprised this is not a major story. at least skype should shout about it. other than emergency calling, which can be done using an old mobile with no contract, skype is now a landline replacement. oh, right, and they still have no real customer service. now if i could just sent AND recieve sms with skype

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