Unboxing the Atomic EEE PC 901

I have blogged numerous times about the many different mini-notebooks that Joanna Stern of Laptop Magazine has tested as it seems she gets her hands on every new one introduced.  I have suspected she has a problem and needs our help and her latest mini-notebook adventure proves it.  How else would you describe her trekking through the back alleys of Taipei, fruitlessly looking for the newest EEE PC model, the 901 with the Intel Atom processor?  That’s exactly what she did despite a complete lack of understanding of Chinese.  All she took was her wallet and a note with "EEE PC 901′ scrawled on it for communication.  She turned up empty-handed many times until she found the one shop with a brand new 901 in the back and +$500 later she reentered the real world with the new EEE PC in tow.  Joanna, you have a problem and we are here for you.  We’ll help you get through this obsession, I am sure there must be an 8.9 step program for your affliction.  Everyone join me in helping Joanna beat this thing, after all little laptops can only do so much for her.  Meanwhile head over and look at the unboxing photos she’s posted of the EEE PC 901 and show your support.

UPDATE: if you have trouble getting into the blog at Laptop just keep trying.  It seems their server is slammed with traffic.


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