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BlueWhaleMail Brings Your Mail to Your Phone

ScreenshotIf you’ve got a fancy high-end device, you already know the joys of having your email available on your mobile phone. But what if you’ve got an older model, or don’t want to use the built-in email client? That’s where BlueWhaleMail comes in. They’ve created a java-based POP/IMAP/SMTP client that works across a wide range of devices – basically, if you can play games on your phone, you can probably run BlueWhaleMail.

The client itself is free (though of course you need to watch out for data transfer charges from your phone company). They’re using what is by now a traditional strategy to pay for it – the top pixels of every message get taken for the company to display a banner ad to you.

3 Responses to “BlueWhaleMail Brings Your Mail to Your Phone”

  1. What I’d like to know is do any of these handle SPAM? That’s the biggest issue I have with the clunky built in email browser on my phone. I don’t get a lot of bandwidth and it’s wasted on sifting through junk mail.

    It would be nice if the app simply ignored messages flagged by SPAM assassin.

  2. WillS

    If you’re in a country in which it operates, I’d suggest Momail ( Decent OTA configuration and mail (+ attachment) optimization to keep the data charges down.

  3. An alternative is to use Flurry, which lets you similarly view your email via a Java app or the built in browser in your phone (or you could download Opera Mini). Plus, it allows for RSS feeds.