Friday Video: EconAds: Tech Confidential Interviews Morgan, Fradin, Miller, Drum

Earlier this week at EconAds in NYC, Tech Confidential’s Mary Kathleen Flynn interviewed some of our panelists including TACODA founder and now chairman of The Tennis Company Dave Morgan, Adify once CEO and now president Russ Fradin, Spark Capital general partner Dennis Miller and H&R Block VP of marketing Paula Drum. Some topics they explored were the value of ad networks, trends in online advertising and reaching the increasingly fragmented audience. Videos of these “Behind the Money” episodes after the jump.

Dave Morgan talks about cheap commodity inventory vs. premium inventory and understanding the Tennis audience.

Russ Fradin considers ad networks “just one of the techniques” media companies use to grow their audiences and revenue. To combat the problem of fragmentation, he believes media companies need a brand that stands for something, a salesforce providing solutions for the advertisers and a targeted audience.

Dennis Miller chats about the biggest obstacles concerning online video, optimizing video with new technologies and its upcoming announcement of the “next David Karp.”

Paula Drum talks up H&R Block’s latest digital campaigns utilizing social media — including its virtual island in Second Life, the H&R Block online community, and branded character Truman Greene with YouTube and MySpace presence

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