Will the iPhone Pummel the Nintendo DS?

Forbes has an interesting article up that claims that the DS needs to be fearful of the iPhone come June 9th. Brian Caulfield points out the features of the iPhone combine the motion sensitivity of the Wii with the touchscreen of the DS. While this may be true, I don’t see the iPhone becoming the dominant handheld gaming device as Caulfield purports.

First, Nintendo has already sold 73 million units since 2004 (that is an average of 18.25 million per year). They sell about 350,000 per week. The numbers have been pretty solid for the last two years.

Second, Mac gaming. Macs have historically been woefully inadequate for gaming (except for Oregon Trail, that game rocked!). This may all change with the iPhone, and I personally hope that it does. Apple does have some pretty good games for their current iPods, though. Those games are certainly not killer apps.

Let me put it this way, people buy a DS for the games. In order for Apple to be a player in this arena, people need to buy an iPhone or iPod Touch for the games, otherwise, it will not be worth it for developers to create games for this platform.

[Pic via iPhone/DS Band]