Want a Dial2Do invite? I finagled ten of ’em.


Dial2dologo_4Noting that Dial2Do, mentioned yesterday, is a private beta and that it can take a week or more to get accepted, I reached out for invites. Adrienne at Dial2Do was kind enough to get back to me quickly and she provided me with ten invite codes. Here’s the deal: if you want one, I want to you do one thing first. Check and see if your country is one of the nineteen currently supported. Since Dial2Do is similar to Jott and Jott is U.S.-only, I’d prefer to offer these to readers outside of the U.S. and obviously in a Dial2Do-supported country. I can’t make you prove where you’re from, so let’s be kind and do the right thing, ‘k?Having said that: if you reside in one of the non-U.S. countries supported and want to try Dial2Do, click on my cartoon head in the sidebar to generate an e-mail to me. Put “Dial2Do” in the subject and let me know what country you’re from in the body of the note. I’ll get these out sometime later today and I’ll update this post when I’m out of invites. Deal?Update at 4:45 PM EDT: I’m sending the last few out now, so I’ve run dry of invites. Thanks!



Ivan here from Dial2Do…

@Kevin, thanks for the post !

@Hoo-Chuan Tan, let me know the area code and if we can get it, we’ll add it.

@Andrew,not sure what happened to the hotmail – hotmail may have spammed it, we’ll look. In terms of who we are targetting, its primarily the hands-free user – drivers, although interestingly the beta is picking up lots of other users and uses so in the way of these things, we’ll probably end up with a core of users attracted by the hands-free nature of the service, but many others just for the convenience.

Gavin Miller

I’d be interested in this Kevin. UK, which is supported.



I signed up for the invites after the first post the other day and it arrived today. Had a quick play with it sending a message to a friend. The first one was sent to his hotmail account and never made it. I tried again with his proper uni account and that got through just fine inside of 10mins so I’m thinking that first issue was just hotmail doing it’s thing.

I must admit this is fun to do, but I wonder what the actual usefulness is? Who is this aimed at? It’s worth noting the system is very susceptible to background noise (though being in beta this could be on the ‘to do’ list).

Neil Ingram

yes please to invite, i would love one. thanks

Hoo-Chuan Tan

Coming from Canada and being very interested in a Jott kind of service, I noticed that the Dial2Do Canadian number is listed as 514 area code which makes it long distance for this Torontonian. :(

Is there any way to get notified if this list of numbers gets expanded?

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