Video: Khosla Talks Green Data Centers and Investment Tactics

Vinod Khosla has been known to make some controversial statements and then put his money where his mouth is with big investments. His numerous plays in biofuel made him a recent target of the Wall Street Journal’s op-ed ire over the food crisis. But going out on a limb and taking a risk is how venture capitalists score big. GigOM’s Om Malik caught up with Khosla at this year’s D6 conference and got the skinny on Khosla’s investing stategy, as well as some info on his recent data center plays.

Khosla is a board member and investor in Xsigo Systems, a startup that makes hardware and software to create and manage virtual servers, cutting down on the need to real, power-sucking servers. Founded in 2004 and based in San Jose, Calif., Xsigo estimates their virtualization systems can reduce the number of I/O cables and cards in a data center by 70 percent and they even offer a handy tip sheet on how to green your data center.


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