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Top BitTorrent TV Downloads This Week

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Top BitTorrent TV Downloads Week Ending June 2, 2008
Rank Last Week Title
1 1 Lost
2 5 Prison Break
3 3 Smallville
4 2 Desperate Housewives
5 4 How I Met Your Mother
6 8 Heroes
7 6 Grey’s Anatomy
8 11 South Park
9 17 One Tree Hill
10 7 Supernatural
11 20 Reaper
12 9 The Simpsons
13 10 Battlestar Galactica
14 16 Gossip Girl
15 14 Ugly Betty
16 12 The Big Bang Theory
17 15 Dexter
18 34 Greek
19 24 NCIS
20 19 House M.D.

Lost kept a (John) lock(e) on the top spot as the most BitTorrented TV download for the week ending June 2nd, according to Big Champagne. Not entirely surprising given the kick-ass season finale. Prison Break is a bit of a head-scratcher, but this list is compiled from global sources, so the show could be just starting its season in another country.

The CW continues to have a heavy presence on the list with just about every show on its schedule making an appearance: Smallville, One Tree Hill, Supernatural, Reaper and Gossip Girl.

NOTE: Rankings are based on global download volumes as measured by swarm sizes, swarm speeds, and file sizes. These data reflect the collective global popularity of all available show content from all seasons current and past, not just the most recent broadcast.

2 Responses to “Top BitTorrent TV Downloads This Week”

  1. Chris Albrecht

    Hey Mininova Rock,

    I appreciate your enthusiasm!

    First, Big Champagne pays us nothing, we pay them nothing. They just provide us data.

    Second, I can see why you might think that about the numbers, but the last post we did on this was for data ending May 19th. This is for data ending June 2. There was a week skipped in between as we checked in with Big Champagne on some logistical stuff.

    From here on out, this data will come out weekly.

  2. Chris, WTF… last week you posted this chart CSI was no. 20 and in this chart that you posted it shows Reaper was #20 last week.. how much has big champagne paid you guys to post this retarded carp on your site?

    Lot of numbers are messed up.. Heroes was #6 last time also according to your own post and this time it shows Heroes was #8 last time? wtf…