Send, subscribe to video podcasts over WiFi with Zune 2.5


ZuneaudiovideopodcastsI suppose this makes sense, but I never thought about it before. Rob Greenlee figured out that video podcasts can be sent over WiFi from Zune to Zune using the sharing functionality built into the Zune 2.5 firmware. Here’s the more important function in my mind: not only can you share that video ‘cast with a Zune-mate, but he or she can then initiate a subscription to the podcast directly on their Zune. They just need to hold down the middle Zune button while the video podcast is playing and they’ll see the “Subscribe” option appear. Next time they sync their Zune with a host PC running the Zune software, the new subscription will be added to their podcasts. Nice feature!(via Zune Thoughts)

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