Scribd Launches New Feature to End Email Attachments


logoScribd is a document hosting service that we’ve touched on before that allows users to bring their documents into their online service for viewing and later use.  Scribd recently launched a service called [email protected] that is aiming to do away with annoying email attachments by granting users the ability to convert documents to the company’s iPaper format.

Using [email protected] is drop dead simple.  To get started, cc: [email protected] in your outgoing email attachment and fire off the email.  As a result all your other recipients will receive a link to the Sribd hosted document a few moments later.  Alternatively, you can just email Scribd your document and forward on the link when you receive it back from your web service.

If you use the first option mentioned above, it may really annoy your email recipients.  This is because they’ll receive two emails – one with the original attachment and a second Scribd email with a link to their version of the document.

On another note, considering you’re uploading business documents to the Internet, we would not recommend putting up business sensitive documents that may contain proprietary business information.

Scribd has been used to display business documents on blogs for a while and I think it will be a great tool for people who wish to share documents in a very easy manner.

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