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Hulu Searches in Embeds, MySpaceTV Gets RSS

Hulu has added an innovative new feature: search within embeds. Now if you’re watching a Hulu embed (example below) on another site, you can search for something else to watch without leaving the player. The video site already has an extremely unselfish search engine, pointing outside to content when it doesn’t have video of its own — and the same results will show up within embed search. See the Hulu blog for screenshots. We mentioned yesterday that Heavy is planning to do something like this with its new Husky ad insertion spinoff.

MySpace also just let us know they added RSS feeds to MySpaceTV. Now users can subscribe to any video channel or chart. It’s a long-overdue feature (YouTube had RSS from the womb), but hey, change is tough when you’re a social-networking behemoth.

Also, hey, it’s not a feature addition, but a nice upgrade nonetheless: Ustream just emailed to say it added Shashi Seth, the recently departed YouTube head of monetization, to its board of advisors.

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