Firefox 3 gets the thumbs up from Mossberg, RC2 now ready

Firefox3Firefox 3 just might get me to kick the “native app” kick I’ve been on for months. As an experiment, I’ve been using the included Mac and Windows apps on my machines since October. In the case of browsing, that meant Safari on the Mac and Internet Explorer on the PC. After just a few days with Firefox 3, the native app streak might be coming to a close.Walt Mossberg thinks it’s the best browser for consumers at the moment and although one could argue for or against another personal favorite, I’m inclined to agree with him. Sites render accurate and quickly, bookmarking is easier and the browser seems more intuitive to use in general thanks to a smart bookmark feature for most visited sites and such. I’m still seeing a minor issue or two with pen input, but I recognize that this affects such a minute percentage of the user base that it’s irrelevant to mainstream media. [Although I would like to see these issues fixed, Mozilla team! ;)]Release Candidate 2 for Firefox 3 hit yesterday and I immediately pulled it down. You can grab it right here to try it out for speed and ease of use. Oh, and just the other day folks were chatting up the memory issues seen in Firefox 2. I haven’t done any specific comparisons, but my general impression is that Firefox uses much less memory in general, even over a long day with multiple tabs open. I live in the browser for ten or more hours a day and I have yet to close and reopen Firefox 3 just to reclaim memory. For mobile devices with limited resources, this might be a consideration. If you’ve seen otherwise, please chime in.


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