Dell’s Mini Inspiron arrives in August, without dedicated Function key row

DellminiinspironThere’s still no official word from Dell that shares the specifications of their sub-notebook, so until that happens, we’ll probably get it piecemeal. Once piece that’s likely going to be missing on the Mini Inspiron (not necessarily the official name… I still like “Minspiron”) is a dedicated row of function keys. APC got some quality time with Dell and the company has apparently removed the Fn keys in order to make the remaining keys bigger; presumably to provide a better typing experience. You’ll still have keys with mapped functions, but they’ll be in a custom configuration to Dell’s liking. I’m not a huge Function key user, so I don’t really mind what the actual Function combos are, but some folks might get in a tizzy over this. It could be worse the way I look at it: Dell could have done a study and found out that we just aren’t using the “Z” key that much any more and removed it, instead. That would have been a little zealous of them… oh wait… I need that “Z” key after all…Dell indicated an August launch, so I gather we’ll be hearing more on the netbook zooner rather than later. I just noticed on the pic above, you can pretty much tell the Function row is a goner.(via Liliputing)


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