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Verismo Box Plugs Web into Your TV

Verismo Networks on Tuesday previewed “the PoD,” a tiny box that brings web content to your TV monitor without needing a PC in between, at the Under the Radar conference in Mountain View, Calif. I’d never heard of the company before sitting down for the session, so was excited to see an entirely new device. Yes, yes, it’s a device, and it doesn’t come from a company you already have a relationship with, but like I said, it’s tiny.

Verismo CEO Prakash Bhalerao said his company has partnered with YouTube and BitTorrent to get access to their content, and vTap to search for anything else. Apparently YouTube will also be marketing the PoD to its users, which would definitely help a new company get exposure! The box can also handle anything with Windows DRM, so you can watch Amazon Unbox and CinemaNow downloads right on your TV.

The PoD, along with a remote, is set to go on sale later this summer for $99. Unfortunately I didn’t catch all the specs, and the company’s web site is less than helpful. We spoke to Verismo Networks CTO and co-founder Vijay Maheshwari after the presentation to get an up close and personal demo on camera. The video of that interview is embedded above.

Bhalerao said Cupertino, Calif.- and Bangalore-based Verismo is also looking to license its software to other set-top box makers. He added he sees opportunities to address markets where PCs aren’t as predominant, and will be sending out boxes to use for educational purposes in India.

I didn’t take any photos, but here are a few stills from the video:

The PoD itself:

Video playing:

vTap search interface:

PoD remote:

Settings menu:

32 Responses to “Verismo Box Plugs Web into Your TV”

  1. If you have a keyboard/qwerty remote, the box can be used to access internet. Supports USB. Mail, social networking, online shopping and may more exiting features……….. No need of PC…. Automatic upgrading of software is also a a great feature. I got great pleasure to browse youtube and watching videos. It seems to be a great product…

  2. Mike Klegin

    I would like to find out the power consumption requirements for this machine, me thinks since it runs some GPL software i may be able to render this a neat little wearable computer project.

  3. Liz that was an excellent report the post and the Video strangely i have problems with flash video being poor quality but the service you have used to display was really good (No buffering).