SanDisk wants you to forget Intel when it comes to SSD


Pssd_left_bigAs I was flying through feeds, I saw this picture of a Solid State Disk module and figured it was the Intel model we just saw this morning. Closer inspection showed the SanDisk logo on it of course, but other than that, there’s not much difference. The SanDisk pSSD offers a very similar form factor and the same parallel ATA interface of Intel’s C3-PO Z-P230. You’ll see 4-, 8- and 16GB pSSD products in August, although SanDisk is mum on the price just yet. Since these are multi-level cell (MLC) flash storage modules, I’d expect them to be relatively price-competitive to Intel in the $6 or $7 a Gigabyte range. Regardless of price, the pSSD does claim faster read and write speeds over Intel’s product: SanDisk says you can expect 39 MBps reads and 17 MBps writes while Intel’s flash maxes out at 35 MBps for reads and 7 MBps for writes.

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