ritePen upgraded to 3.0: adds handwritten macros, dictionary customizations


RitepenshortcutritePen got the old upgrade treatment according to the press release I just received. Version 3.0 is now available from Ritescript for $29.95 or can be used as a 30-day free trial. The updated app offers a new handwritten shortcut function so you can launch a website or app with a short, written gesture for example. The screen shot shows a macro that adds your signature to a document, simply by writing the word “sign” anywhere on your screen and then circling it.The ability to easily edit your dictionary of recognized words is in there too, along with enhanced navigation features. Of course, just like it always did, ritePen also allows you to handwrite and insert text as needed in any text-aware app, much like the TIP included with a Tablet PC. If you’ve always wanted the ability to ink anywhere on your Tablet or UMPC screen, this is definitely worth a try. The Ritescript folks also have a nice Flash video showing even more how the new handwriting shortcuts work… adding something as simple as a circular gesture around a handwriting entry to make it a shortcut is pretty ingenious in my book.

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